Pamusan Natural Textile LLC

Our Story

Custom tote bags !!! This story started eight years ago when we were producing our bags in the area of ​​eight m2. At the beginning, we had only two engineers and the big idea to produce natural and environmentally friendly products. Firstly we found 100% cotton material for our bags which suited our requirements and we tried many prints on it. When we were sure that we found the best quality we started to customize and sell the pouch bags and tote bags.
We took many types of orders for printing designs and logos for our customers on our products.
Over the years we have discovered many different products and opened new lines that our customers love. Now we also have t-shirts, aprons, canvas notebooks, paintable children's products, sweatshirts, vests and hats.
Nowadays we are proud to be the leading company who has the most variety of tote bags and pouches.
We follow technologies and our machines have high quality which answers our high standards.
Our team now is the big group of good attentive specialists who design and create products for our customers in accordance with their wishes.

Currently, we are the biggest company producing tote bags and pouches in Turkey and if one day we will be the biggest in the world we exactly will owe it to our team and our customers who love our products and support natural products.
We think that the high quality, the good team and the true purpose will always achieve successful results.
Greetings and love from Istanbul to all of you.