Turkey's leading manufacturer of canvas bags İşte Çanta, to produce, which is spoken by many different types of tote bags. Unlike many companies, our company produces not only tote bags but also tote backpacks. Highly durable and high quality tote backpacks are made of 100 percent cotton. The bag straps are very sturdy and whatever is put inside, they will not wear and tear.


Tote backpacks, which will never let people down and allow them to carry all their belongings comfortably, are extremely comfortable. Thanks to its comfortable use and comfortable transportation, it really offers people quality and comfort. These types of bags are produced in various sizes. One can choose whichever is most appropriate for himself. Some tote backpacks are very large, some are very small. Every person will be able to choose the backpack that is most suitable for him.


Tote backpacks also offer different color options. If the person wishes, he can go out with a suitable one for his clothes by taking a few. Different patterns and designs are also available. One can choose the design that best suits his style. It can also print its own design on the bag. Such an option is also available. The person can make color printing or colorless printing if he wishes.


There are also paintable tote bags in the category of tote backpacks. After the person chooses the most suitable pattern for himself, he has the luxury of painting the bag to his taste. Bags can be dyed repeatedly if the correct fabric dyes are used. There will be no stains, nor will it be contaminated with other laundry if it is machine washed.


İşte çanta, as your bag, your tote backpack shopping will be waiting for you with the most affordable prices. Our company provides the cheapest prices and provides customer satisfaction. If there is a wholesale purchase, there will be a decrease in our prices. Especially paintable backpacks are very suitable for kindergartens and primary schools. Other bags can be distributed at fairs, conferences, events. Or the company may print its logo on the bag and offer it for sale. Our backpacks produced in different sizes are waiting for their customers with different options. Our company, which you can choose to shop at the most affordable prices, will remain in your mind as a truly quality company that will be recommended to your entire environment. All of our tote bag options are high quality and durable.