Promotional Printed Canvas Bag 35x40 cm Gothe

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Canvas Tote Bag is made of 100% cotton. We meet your promotional printed cloth bag needs as soon as possible. CONTACT: Tel: 02126432100 Mail: destek@istecanta.com

Product Information:

Material: 320 gr / m Canvas Raw Color
Size: 35x40 cm
Handle: Material: 320 gr / m Raw Cloth; (suitable for hanging from the shoulder).
Printing: Offset Duplex Printing
Usage area: Promotion, Fair, Event

Product Packaging and Shipping

We ship promotional cloth bags to all over the world. Desired size and printing work is done. Contact us for eco-friendly raw cloth bags.

    • There are 400 raw cloth bags in 1 box (60x40x40cm)
    • Measures were taken against rain and moisture in the box.

Get detailed information for international submissions.

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