Clutch Canvas Bag Blue (25x18) Lined

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can buy the Blue Clutch Bag model online. You can also purchase it printed with a minimum of 10 pieces by contacting us. Red Clutch has a very strong and stylish look with its 3-layer lining inside the bag.

 Clutch Canvas Bag - Blue Color

Product Details

  • 100% Cotton- Red Color
  • Black with thin zipper
  • Soft textured - 390g Twill fabric
  • The inside of the Clutch bag is Lining. 3 Stage contents include black waterproof layer, sponge and interlining.


  • Cloth bag sizes 25x18 cm (+- 0.3 cm)
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General Description

For orders of custom size and/or over 3000 pieces please contact us.
100% cotton canvas. While multi-color is suitable for printing, the quality of printing increases as the number of colors decreases. Washable in warm water and can be ironed in light heat. Whether 20 or 20,000 pieces of cloth bags are here!!

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