Tote Bag 35x40cm

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Tote Bag bag products provide brands with advertisements, a fun style and a useful tool for users. Cloth bags, in which the logos, names or different patterns of the institutions can be printed, are preferred by both brands and consumers with their models, features and print compatibility. The cloth bag made of Tote Bag is 35x40 cm. Unit prices are below. You can order at least 10 cloth bags. VAT is included in the prices. Your products will be shipped on the same day. You can create an order now.

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Raw Cloth Bag

Raw Cloth Bag Features 

  • Made of 100% cotton, with organic and natural ingredients
  • Ecological and environmentally friendly product is produced without harming nature.
  • 140 grams of raw cloth are sewn from fabric
  • Standard handle length 70 cm
  • without bellows
  • Handle sewn from its own fabric, exactly the same color as the bag
  • Raw cloth bag dimensions 35 x 40 cm (+ - 0.5 cm can vary)

Raw Cloth Bag Size:

  • Handle length 70 cm
  • Cloth bag dimensions 35 x 40 cm (+ - 0.5 cm)
  • Secure shopping
  • The most affordable price advantage
  • Cargo on the same day

Raw Cloth Bag

It is made of 100% cotton untreated fabric. It is the most preferred bag type with its 35x40 cm size. It has wide usage area. You can give this product, which will meet your every need, either printed or non-printed. You can make orders on our website with or without print. You can apply on transfer printing, digital printing, screen printing, screen printing or fabric dye. The products are highly stitched and suitable for long-term use. You can meet all your needs with this product, which you can use for many years thanks to its washable. You can review more than 60 models and order immediately. We are happy to serve you in the fastest way with our products that are constantly available in our stocks.

Raw Cloth Bag Wholesale

Our customers who want to buy wholesale raw cloth bags can order online on our website. Orders placed unprinted are shipped in a maximum of 2 business days. We deliver more than 60 models in our stocks to you in the fastest way. For unprinted products, you can make purchases at the door. cash only at the door. There is no payment at the door for printed products. In custom printed works, the fee is taken in advance and processed after the visual design is approved by you. You can order all of our models whether printed or not.

How to Wash the Raw Cloth Bag?

If you wash the raw cloth bag according to the washing instructions, the bags will draw to the minimum extent. 5% standard shrinkage ratio is standard. You should hand wash at 20 degrees and then iron it while it is damp. Since the products are 100% cotton, they will make serious pulls at high temperatures. After washing your machine in a short program in hand washing setting, you should turn it on with an iron while it is damp. If you follow these washing instructions, it will make a 5% pull. products are environmentally friendly and recyclable. made from cotton fabric. has never undergone any washing. it is natural and organic.Raw cloth bags are very easy to maintain. Cold or warm water can be preferred for cleaning cloth bags that can be washed by hand. The prints of products that can be cleaned with detergents and soaps suitable for hand washing are not damaged by washing. It is recommended to be dried by hanging and ironing can be done in warm heat. It is underlined that the bags should not be washed in an electronic washing machine and should be dried without using a dryer.

Usage Areas of Raw Cloth Bags 

The raw cloth bag shows the pressure on it clearly and clearly thanks to its plain fabric. Long-lasting raw cloth bag products enable your advertisement to be advertised by users in every use. Thanks to these bags, brands give their users a gift to accompany them over the years, and loyalty between the brand and the consumer is reinforced. In addition, these bags embody the memory of the event when it bears the name of the organization held on them. 

  • You can use raw cloth bags to prepare promotional products and make corporate prints on them. You can present it at fairs, organizations and events and distribute it to your employees and customers.
  • You can bring your special designs to the users by printing your own design patterns on the bags. You can prepare your own collection with various bag designs by decorating the bags with different prints. 
  • You can paint on raw cloth bags with fabric dyes, you can market your handicraft to consumers by professionalizing your hobby. 

Practical and Convenient Raw Cloth Bag

Practical and useful raw cloth bags stand out due to their load carrying capacity. Organic fabrics, which are much healthier than plastic bags, can be used many times. Cloth bags, which can be easily folded and carried in the bag, help the users to carry both the products purchased in shopping and other items such as books. Thanks to the long arm strap, users avoid the hassle of carrying items on hand. Inside the bags bought for the promotion; Trial size products of the brand can be filled with printed notebooks, pens and brochures and files. Bags help carry promotional items easily. 

One effective slogan, brand logo, emblem or pattern can be printed on the raw cloth bag. Bags purchased by non-governmental organizations, brands, events or individuals can be distributed to tens or hundreds of consumers or find buyers by design. Stylish, useful, economical, organic and practical raw cloth bag designs are preferred for their durability. You can also buy raw cloth bags in plain form or order printed in our printing center.

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